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  • Search Engine
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EGP999 / One Year

  • 3 subjects
  • 75 EGP QR Booklet
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  • 900 Paper / 1800 page
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EGP1199 / One year

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  • Delivery Cairo 30 EGP Others 50 EGP

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EGP1899 / Three years

  • 8 subjects
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How it works

How it works

All what a student needs to do is to scan a barcode on the front of paper of any QRPP. Then, and in just a few seconds, the student can easily reach any past-papers answers, using the latest AI-based scanning technology that gives users the best Search results upon a deep analysis of huge amounts of data and information provided within the system’s content.

Our Vission

Driven by out-of-the-box concepts, QR Past Papers aims to build a comprehensive, effective, and simple learning system through developing and digitalizing solutions for IGCSE students based on a deep analysis of the past exams and mark schemes, together with engaging all parties of learning process whether students, teachers, or parents to guarantee that all comments and opinions are taken in consideration when updating the platform.

Our Values

  • Proactivity & Innovation
  • Excellence & Attention to detail
  • Power of knowledge & Technology
  • User satisfaction & Transparency


Find More About Us

  • Extending a bridge between students and a hassle-free IGCSE

    QR Past Papers (QR Dynamic Papers) is launched in 2020 by Generation Printing House to be the all-in-one platform for all IGCSE students (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior), giving them an easy-to-use access to a mega library of QR Dynamic Past Papers mark schemes.

  • Scan & Reach

    Isn’t just a brand upon which QR Dynamic Past Papers is created its own AI-based tech system, but a value that aims to enhance knowledge and speed when accomplishing QR Dynamic Past Papers as it enables IGCSE students, in just a few seconds, to reach any papers’ answers directly through the QR code engine supported by QR Scanning System that proved a great user experience.

  • Certified by the relevant bodies

    QR Dynamic Past Papers is basically created to go beyond being a one-stop-shop of papers’ answers for all IGCSE subjects, including Physics, Math, Chemistry and every other supported IGCSE subject, but to be a full-mark destination for IGCSE students with just a click.


Check our Services

QR Past Papers provides a wide range of IGCSE Dynamic Past Papers’ services with exceptional features including:

Scan & Reach

An innovative technology used to find all related IGCSE papers’ answers via scanning a QR code or entering a short code when using PC or laptop.

QR Mark Scheme

A fast tech tool used to easily access the mark schemes in no time supported by searchable web-based software.

QR Search Engine

A smart technology used to enable students to access any questions related to any Key Term and defines accurately the question’s position, the year of the papers, and every other related data, and, of course, the answer is attached consecutively as is in the Mark Scheme.

AI-based System

An AI-based system developed by QR Dynamic Papers to maximizes Search Results through deeply analyzing huge amounts of data and information.

Why Us

Why Us Simply


  • QR Dynamic Papers is your ideal all-in-one destination for the past-paper answers of all IGCSE subjects.
  • QR Dynamic Papers provides only one step to get your needed answers rather than examining dozens of paper or digital files. Just click and Go in no time.
  • QR Dynamic Papers offers the latest QR Search Engine and AI-based system that give you the perfect results based on key terms in only few seconds.
  • QR Dynamic Papers’s tech can be easily used by students (of all IGCSE grades), teachers, or school staff without the need of high tech knowledge or experience.
  • QR Dynamic Papers offers big discounts and deals so you don’t have to pay a lot of money to get access to its outstanding features.
  • QR Dynamic Papers’ system is continuously updated to meet the needs of users and to match the internationals standards of the IGCSE related materials and papers.

Our Team

Our Hardworking Team

Motivated by smart-solution concepts, QR Dynamic past papers hires a team of highly-qualified technicians and experts to ensure that the QR Dynamic Papers’s platform and papers are meeting the expectations of the users. Moreover, the QR Dynamic Papers team members are always given the best training courses to enhance their skills and capabilities in accordance with the international standards to be able to promptly overcome any technical issue that may face the user, so they can develop the platform accordingly.


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