How it works

How it works

All what a student needs to do is to scan a barcode on the front of paper of any QRPP. Then, and in just a few seconds, the student can easily reach any past-papers answers, using the latest AI-based scanning technology that gives users the best Search results upon a deep analysis of huge amounts of data and information provided within the system’s content.

Our Vission

Driven by out-of-the-box concepts, QR Past Papers aims to build a comprehensive, effective, and simple learning system through developing and digitalizing solutions for IGCSE students based on a deep analysis of the past exams and mark schemes, together with engaging all parties of learning process whether students, teachers, or parents to guarantee that all comments and opinions are taken in consideration when updating the platform.

Our Values

  • Proactivity & Innovation
  • Excellence & Attention to detail
  • Power of knowledge & Technology
  • User satisfaction & Transparency