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  • Extending a bridge between students and a hassle-free IGCSE

    QR Past Papers (QR Dynamic Papers) is launched in 2020 by Generation Printing House to be the all-in-one platform for all IGCSE students (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior), giving them an easy-to-use access to a mega library of QR Dynamic Past Papers mark schemes.

  • Scan & Reach

    Isn’t just a brand upon which QR Dynamic Past Papers is created its own AI-based tech system, but a value that aims to enhance knowledge and speed when accomplishing QR Dynamic Past Papers as it enables IGCSE students, in just a few seconds, to reach any papers’ answers directly through the QR code engine supported by QR Scanning System that proved a great user experience.

  • Certified by the relevant bodies

    QR Dynamic Past Papers is basically created to go beyond being a one-stop-shop of papers’ answers for all IGCSE subjects, including Physics, Math, Chemistry and every other supported IGCSE subject, but to be a full-mark destination for IGCSE students with just a click.